Powering Irish communities with affordable, clean and green energy

The first offshore windfarm on Ireland’s west coast

Transformative energy

The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm is a proposed offshore wind project, located off the Connemara coast in County Galway, that aims to power communities using clean and renewable energy.

Once completed, the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm will provide enough reliable and affordable electricity to power more than 350,000 homes. The project will help Ireland to achieve its goal of  generating 80% of energy through renewable sources by 2030.

“The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm project is set to be a flagship development for the West of Ireland, which is home to one of the best wind resources in the world.”
Séamus McCabe
Senior Development Director, Corio Generation.

Developing the local area

The Sceirde Rocks project is one of the largest ever infrastructure projects in the Connemara region. Once built, it will be the first commercial-scale offshore windfarm on Europe’s Atlantic margin, set on Connemara’s Gaeltacht coast.

The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm will contribute significantly to the future development of the area by:

  • Providing job opportunities and economic development for local communities in Connemara.
  • Enabling opportunities for communities, businesses and individuals to develop and progress.
  • Strengthening and supporting cultural economic and community infrastructure in the Gaeltacht area.

Renewable energy

Ireland has a national objective to produce 80% of its energy using renewable sources by 2030. To achieve this, the Irish government is fast tracking the development of its offshore wind sector. In 2020, the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm project was announced as one of the seven relevant projects for offshore development to reach this goal.

Frequently asked questions

Sceirde Rocks Windfarm Project

Why do we need offshore windfarms in Ireland and how will they assist with the nation’s climate change targets?

Ireland has a goal to produce 80% of its energy using renewable sources by 2030. To achieve this, over 7 GW of offshore wind energy is expected to be developed by the end of the decade. These targets will support Ireland’s carbon emission reduction commitments, meet anticipated increases in domestic electricity demand and increase the security of electricity supply.

What is the proposed size of the windfarm being developed at Sceirde Rocks?

The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm is expected to be the first commercial-scale offshore windfarm on Europe’s Atlantic margin. The proposed windfarm will have a capacity of up to 450 megawatts, providing enough electricity to supply more than 350,000 Irish homes.

When will the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm be constructed and put into operation?

A planning application is currently being prepared for submission at the end of 2023. If approved, the construction phase is expected to be between 2026-2029, with the windfarm becoming operational by 2030.

Will the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm create employment and bring economic benefit to the Connemara area?

The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm will offer a range of employment and local supply chain opportunities during all phases of the project. In addition, a project community benefit fund will offer additional funding opportunities for the rural coastal community.

How will the Community Benefit Fund support the local area?

A significant community benefit fund will become available through the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm project, which will be accessible to local community groups and organisations. The fund’s main objective will be to support important community projects, infrastructure and initiatives that improve and sustain the area’s standard of living in a cleaner and greener environment.

What measures will be taken to minimise any environmental impacts?

Extensive environmental screening will be carried out during all stages of the project development in order to avoid, minimise or mitigate any potential impacts. A wide range of environmental assessments, reports and surveys covering activities such as wind measurement, geotechnical and geophysical surveys, birds and marine mammal, visual impacts and other environmental factors will be comprehensively covered in an Environmental Impact Assessment and Natural Impact Statement that will be submitted as part of the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm planning application.

If you have a question, please contact our stakeholder engagement team at enquiries@sceirderockswindfarm.ie

450 megawatts

Project electricity generation capacity upon completion

350,000 homes

Enough clean and renewable energy to power Irish Homes

550,000 CO2e

Estimated greenhouse gas emissions to be avoided annually

180,000 cars

Equivalent to taking this many petrol cars off the road

> €3.5 million

Expected annual value of the community benefit fund