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Public Consultation and Engagement

With every large infrastructure project, it is essential that developers and local stakeholders are in regular contact throughout the development, construction, and operational phases.

  • The local West Galway community will play an important role in the development of the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm.
  • As we progress our extensive programme of community consultation and public engagement, we are engaging in regular communication and seeking local support and cooperation to ensure the project’s success.
  • We are thankful to the community for their ongoing support for a project that will bring much needed investment and job opportunities to the Connemara region. Our locally based team look forward to many more conversations as we continue to talk to community members and listen to their hopes and ambitions for the project.

Fishers engagement

In 2022 the project team and our fisheries liaison officer engaged with a wide range of fishers in the area to successfully complete our planned surveys. Our ongoing engagement with this group has continued and recently further surveys and site works were carried out as a result of consultation, cooperation and agreements between the local fishers and the project team.

Community engagement

Since early 2022 our project team has been meeting with a wide range of community groups and individuals in the Connemara area adjacent to the project. The main objective of these meetings has been to inform community groups about the project and outline how the project will benefit the wider Connemara area and the massive opportunities it will provide to individuals, groups, and the community. Another important aspect of our community engagement is to provide information and clarity to the public on any questions or concerns that they may have around the project.

We have been constantly communicating with the public informing and making them aware of ongoing updates and developments within the project.

We have been doing this through regular

  • Press releases
  • TV and Radio Media interviews
  • Press releases
  • Articles in local yearbook
  • Articles in local papers

As part of our Community and Public engagement we have been hosting local events such as

  • Community Benefit Fund launch and information.
  • Business Supply Chain event.
  • Careers, Training and Skills Information event.

We will be providing further information and engagement opportunities to the wider public by

  • Website updates
  • Virtual Consultation Exhibition
  • Information brochure on project
  • Local house to house calls
  • Opening of a new local project Office

Community support

As part of Sceirde Rocks commitment and support to the community at this early stage of the project a community support fund was set up to help local community groups, organisations and programs in areas such as

  • Sporting, Recreational & Educational.
  • Community, Social & Inclusive initiatives
  • Language, Culture, Arts & Heritage
  • Environment, Sustainability & Biodiversity