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The Sceirde Rocks Windfarm is being developed by leading offshore wind business Corio Generation through the Irish and Gaeltacht based company Fuinneamh Sceirde Teoranta (FST)

FST is a joint venture owned by Corio Generation, a portfolio company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, and global infrastructure investor Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Working together, the project development team is working to help Ireland achieve its climate goals for 2030. We are engaging with the local community by creating local economic development and job opportunities, and providing clean, renewable energy for all.

Organisations involved

Fuinneamh Sceirde Teoranta

Fuinnemah Sceirde Teoranta is the Irish and Gaeltacht based company which first initiated the offshore windfarm project off the coast of Carna in the 2000s. FST was acquired by Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) in September 2021 and is now a joint venture led by specialist offshore wind developer Corio Generation, a GIG portfolio company, and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Corio Generation

Headquartered in London, UK, Corio Generation (Corio) is a specialist offshore wind developer with a global portfolio of projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Corio is building next-generation offshore windfarms that will form the backbone of the new global energy system.

Launched in April 2022 as a Macquarie Green Investment Group portfolio company operating on a standalone basis, Corio has a unique blend of sector-leading expertise and access to long-term capital.

Macquarie has been operating in Ireland for almost two decades and is a substantial investor in critical infrastructure. The company has played an important role resourcing energy supplies while driving the transition to net zero. It has helped to finance the development of Technical University Dublin, the Dublin Waste to Energy project, 10 national schools and other social projects, and is a major investor in Irish SMEs.

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) is a global infrastructure investor with C$26.1 billion in infrastructure assets across five continents, including a sizeable portfolio of renewable assets. 

As a long-term, responsible investor, OTPP is an ideal partner to invest alongside Corio Generation in the Sceirde Rocks Windfarm through their joint venture, Fuinneamh Sceirde Teoranta.

With offices in Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto, OTPP invests in more than 50 countries to deliver retirement income for 333,000 current and retired teachers in Ontario, Canada.